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forging dies

In-house Tooling

With separate tooling workshop, all the forging dies are made in house directly. The precision of forging dies will play a decisive role on the accuracy & quality of steel forgings.

closed die forging

Closed Die Forging

All the steel forgings produced in Fly Forge are closed die forged. With forging equipments from 300t to 2500t, we could supply custom service for steel forgings with max. weight 50kg.



Sometimes, forging can not meet the demands of dimensional tolerances, our value-added machining service will ensure us to supply finished components to our customer directly.

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What Else We Provide

Redesign Service

To improve the working performance or reduce the production cost, we can offer redesign service for our customers if needed.

Heat Treatment

To reach the desired properties, heat treatment required could be done in our company after forging.

Surface Treatment

After forging, shot blasting and anti-rust oil painting will be carried out. But we can also provide other surface finishes, such as painting, zinc plating, powder coating, ect.

Our Company

For more than 20 years, Ningbo Fly Drop Forge Co.,Ltd, located in Ningbo, China, is the professional Drop Forging company specialized in supplying our customers with high quality custom steel forging components. All our industries served are agricultural machinery, automotive industry, construction machinery, lifting industry, oilfield industry, ect.

Besides closed die forging, we could also supply other value added services for finished products. So, if you have demands of forging & machining components, pls do not hesitate to contact us! I believe we will be your one stop source for forging projects.

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Steel Forgings in Closed Die Forging Process

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Forging for Container Lifting Lugs

Forging for Container Lifting Lugs

Container Lifting Lugs are designed to connect to the top, side or bottom of a shipping container for overhead crane lifting. Container lugs are supplied with an angled lug, with configurations of both left and right. Lugs can be used in either side or end apertures of bottom ISO corner box fittings to form a […]

Hot-dip Galvanization for Steel Forgings

Hot-dip Galvanization for Steel Forgings

Hot-dip Galvanization is the common surface coating method normally used for the anti-corrosion of steel forgings. After derusting of steel forgings, dipping them into melton zinc under around 500℃, so that the surface of steel forgings will be adhered with the zinc layer, which is for the purpose of anti-corrosion. Hot dip galvanizing process: pickling […]

universal joint cross testing

Universal Joint Cross

Cross is the mainly component of Universal joint. It can transmit large torque at low friction. Universal joint cross with journal pegs and bearing cases as outer ring are hot forged and machined. They are later carburized in furnace so that increased ruggedness and wear resisitance are obtained. Parts are finally ground to designed size […]

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