Custom steel forging

Steel Forging is widely used in all industries for its high strength and good properties.Fly Drop Forge has a proven reputation from our customers for supplying cost-effective steel forgings in a variety of shapes.Our forging capability includes impression die hammer and press forging up to 30kg.All these steel forgings are customized from our clients’ drawings or sample,in other words,we can make all kinds of custom steel forgings in different steel specifications,like alloy steel,carbon [...]

How steel applied in modern forging process?

Steel is one of the important metals used in industrial projects.Application of steel is based on various treatments,such as casting,forging,stamping or metal fabrication,ect.These metal forming process could all change steel material into different status according to its usage.As a prefessional steel forging manufacturer,we will briefly introude how steel is applied in modern forging process. Steel is an iron based alloy with small additions of carbon and other elements which impact [...]

What is closed die forging?

Closed-die forging,also known as impression die forging, is the shaping of hot metal within the walls of two dies that come together to enclose the workpiece on all sides. This process starts with a rod or bar cut to the length needed to fill the die. Before this forging process,forging dies are first required so that heated bars can be shaped between the upper and lower dies for desired shapes.Most common used forging dies material are tool steels.For the high material cost and machining [...]

What is steel forging?

Steel Forging is a metal forming process working by using a series of forging equipments.Comparing with steel casting,the use of steel forging will refine grain structure,reduce the waste of raw material,avoid complex machining operations and improve the strength of products. Steel forging is a fuzzy concept referring forging technology in steel.We can define steel forging in different forging processes:Open die steel forging and closed die steel forging.Open die steel forging means steel [...]