Capabilities of Steel Forging

Design & Engineering

As technical support, CFS Forge has a strong engineering team that helps our customers to design dies by utilizing its advanced software (CAD, CAM, SOLIDWORKS, UG,ect) after our customers submit drawings.


Tool & Die making

Equiped with advanced CNC machining and EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) equipments, our company can manufacture and stock forging tools and dies in house for our customers directly. In house made tools and dies will enable us to offer better service, like better control the production time and quality of forging dies. This will lead to better flexibility, responsiveness and customer service.


Closed Die Forging

All the steel forgings supplied from our factory are produced by closed die forging. Our advance closed die forging process will produce best possible high quality forgings with forging presses ranging from 300t-2500t. Currently, we have total 10 production lines to ensure we have enough production capacity to supply forgings with maximum products over 50kg.


Heat Treatment

The same as casting, heat treatment is also applied in steel forging components. Common heat treatment process includes: normalization, annealing, quenching tempering and hardening, ect.  Each heat treatment process is choosed according to the application of products. After heat treatment, the products will get better mechanical properties and working performance.


Finishing Operations

To achieve final products, our factory are able to provide finished operations like precision machining, shot blasting,  surface treatment (galvanization,  painting,  ect). Besides, we can also provide custom package with our customers’ logo shown.