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A skip (UK English), which is a large open-topped waste container, is designed for loading onto a special type of lorry (truck). Instead of being emptied into a garbage truck on site, as a wheelie bin is, a skip is removed, or replaced by an empty skip, and then tipped at a landfill site or transfer station.

Skips are commonly used to hold open-topped loads of construction and demolition waste, garden waste or other waste and litter types. The construction debris may originate from a building, renovation, or demolition site; building supplies can be delivered to a site in a skip that is later used to remove waste. Skips are also used for various cleaning-out jobs that need much material to be taken away, and at factories producing large quantities of scrap metal. The material in the skip may be taken to a landfill, recycled or recovered/disposed of in some other way. There are wide range of uses of skip bins including construction building, home renovations, handyman maintenance or repair projects, garden or green clean up.


forged skip lugsForged Skip Lugs

Skip lugs are the component welded to skips, such as open chain lift skips, drop door skips, ect.

Forging is the shaping of hot billets completely within the walls or cavities of two dies that come together to enclose the work piece on all sides.

Impression-die forging, often used interchangeably with the term closed-die forging, refers to a closed-die operation in which the dies contain a provision for controlling the flow of excess material, or flash, that is generated.

Skip Lugs Produced by Forging can Achieve Below Advantages:

  • Stronger sections
  • Pre-working refines internal defects
  • More reliable, lower cost over life of skip lugs
  • Adaptable to changes in customer demand


Why CFS Forge?

CFS Forge has been steel forging manufacturers for many years. We have a proven track record for providing creative solutions to complex projects across a broad range of industries, including defense, aerospace, automotive, recreational motor sports and medical. We specialize in creating custom forged skip lugs in a closed-die forging process.

We are officially ISO 9001:2008 Certified and are strongly focused on meeting our clients’ expectations. It has always been our mission to provide the most cost-effective option, while maintaining superior quality, dedication to our customers and timely delivery. From samples to high production runs, the professionals at CFS Forge can help meet your goals, on time and within your budget. We work tirelessly to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied when their project comes to a close.

CFS Forge uses the latest and greatest manufacturing and finishing processes. It is absolutely imperative to us that we continue to research and understand the ongoing changes in the industry so that we can best convey them to our clients in order to provide them with the best possible options.

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