Hot-dip Galvanization for Steel Forgings

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Hot-dip Galvanization is the common surface coating method normally used for the anti-corrosion of steel forgings. After derusting of steel forgings, dipping them into melton zinc under around 500℃, so that the surface of steel forgings will be adhered with the zinc layer, which is for the purpose of anti-corrosion.

Hot-dip Galvanization for Steel Forgings

Hot dip galvanizing process: pickling – water washing – promote plating liquid – drying – plating – cooling – medicine – polishing.

Hot dip galvanization was developed from very old hot plating methods, which has a history for more than one hundred and seventy years since it was applied to industry in France in 1836. In the past 30 years, the hot galvanizing industry has been developed on a large scale.

Advantages of Hot-dip Galvanization for Steel Forgings

  • Low cost: the cost of hot dip galvanized coating is lower than that of other paint coatings.
  • Durable: in the suburbs, the standard hot-dip galvanized rust resistance can be kept for more than 50 years without having to be repaired; In urban or offshore areas, the standard hot-dip galvanized coatings can be kept for 20 years without having to be repaired;
  • Strong toughness: the zinc coating forms a special metallurgical structure, which can withstand mechanical damage when transported and used.
  • Comprehensive protection: Each corner of steel forgings can be plated with zinc, which can be fully protected even in the depression, sharp corners and hiding places.
  • Simple and convenient testing: the hot dip zinc coating can be visualized and simple non-destructive coating thickness meter for testing.

Currently, the hot dipping galvanization is widely used in the surface coating of steel forgings, especially for the application of lifting and construction industries, such as container door hinge, eye bolts, eye nuts, hooks, auger teeth, ect.

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