Clevis Slip Hook

Forged Clevis Slip Hook

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Clevis slip hooks are versatile because of their full, wide throat. Easily hooked up to shackles, eyes or chain tied loads. Often used in towing, pulling and securing applications. Slip and grab hooks with clevis end connections permit rapid attachment and removal from chain by using cotter pins that are easily removed from the hook. […]

universal joint cross testing

Universal Joint Cross

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Cross is the mainly component of Universal joint. It can transmit large torque at low friction. Universal joint cross with journal pegs and bearing cases as outer ring are hot forged and machined. They are later carburized in furnace so that increased ruggedness and wear resisitance are obtained. Parts are finally ground to designed size […]

Hydraulic Cylinder forgings

Forging for Hydraulic Cylinder Parts

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A hydraulic cylinder is the mechanical actuator that provides mechanical power to construction equipment, most notably engineering vehicles, manufacturing machinery, and civil engineering equipment. The hydraulic cylinder utilizes several individual parts that work together to create the large force in a unidirectional stroke. Our forging company offer forging and machining service for a wide range of hydraulic […]