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Steel Forging is widely used in all industries for its high strength and good properties. CFS Drop Forge has a proven reputation from our customers for supplying cost-effective steel forgings in a variety of shapes. Our forging capability includes impression die hammer and press forging up to 30kg. All these steel forgings are customized from our clients’ drawings or sample, in other words, we can make all kinds of custom steel forgings in different steel specifications, like alloy steel, carbon steel and stainless steel.

Custom steel forging process

*After pressing pressure to steel billet, it can be shaped to desired dimensions. And when heated to enough forging temperature,it will be ductile and malleable.See how steel is applied in modern forging process.

*Steel billet is heated by an induction heating system, forge furnace or oven to certain temperature so that work hardening or strain hardening will not result from the deformation process.

*Here custom steel forging strength means compressive strength, tensile strength and shear strength. The term shear strength is sometimes interchanged with the term impact toughness, although test methods may be not the same.

Advantages of custom steel forging

*Compare with cast or machined parts, custom steel forged components are more reliable and stronger because the grain flow of the steel is altered. In steel forging, grain flow is keeping strengthening, which is similar to the cross grain strength of wood.

*Steel forging is the application of thermal and mechanical energy to steel bars, billets, and ingots to cause the material to change shape while in the solid state. Unlike forging, steel casting is a different process that material is melted into liquid and then poured into a mold.

*Custom steel forged parts make possible designs that can bear high loads and stresses. Forgings are free from internal gas pockets,voids,or cooling defects that can cause unexpected fatigue or impact load failure. Custom Steel forgings are used when quality cannot be questioned.

*Custom steel forged parts offer a high degree of reliability and tolerance capabilities, and less or no machining is needed.

Custom service in CFS Forge

Over the years, CFS Forge has developped ourselves to be a leading custom steel forging manufacturer and exporter in China. With forging press ranging from 300t-1,600t, we can customize steel forgings in various shapes and material specification. These custom steel forgings are mainly used in automotive industry, agricultural machinery, mining industry, etc. Thanks to our high quality,competitive prices and impressed service, we are always keeping long term business relations with our customers. If you have any inquiry for such needs, pls feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to send you our best prices for reference first.

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