Tips to Order Custom Steel Forgings

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For price advantages, more and more foreign buyers turn to China to order custom steel forgings. As almost all the forged steel products are customised from our clients’ drawings or samples, so there would be a lot of back and forth by emails or calling before a order is confirmed. Thus, as professional steel forging manufacturer, we put forward some tips which can help to save you lots of time, and make the whole process easier.

1.Creat a RFQ with detailed information. RFQs is the first step to start your purchasing procedure, which will help to know the whole pricing level in China, and you can choose one within your budget. To achieve exact quotation,when sending a RFQ, it is quite important to supply detailed requirements of a new product, such as steel specification, weight, quantity, heat treatment for better properties, machining sections, etc. All these information will help us to calculate the cost accordingly and correctly. Otherwise,we have to confirm one by one.

2.Be open for your needs. There is no doubt that we are skilled in steel forging production, and can help you to solve all the technical problem as possible as we can, but it does not mean all our solutions are suitable for your application or sale. For example, due to the steel forging advantages, you plan to choose forging technology for your bucket teeth, but the quantity is small and your budget is limited, in this case,forging is not feasible, as to us, there is no difference to forge 100pcs or 1000pcs, it will take us almost the same time to finish these products for the high production efficiency. So unlike castings,we would have a volume requirement for your forging source.

3.Choosing a supplier from all aspects. It is normal to send RFQs to several steel forging companies for price reference, and you would be sensitive for the supplier who offers you the lowest price. And there exsits a universal phenomenon that many purchasers consider their supplier only from price factor. Pls note quality is also quite important, and no company would do business at a loss, you would get what you pay. So, try your best to learn more about a company, such as foundation time,scale, equipments, quality control, lead time, etc. All these factors should be considered when choosing a supplier.

4.Arrange a visiting if possible. Once you have a decision for your forging solution, it would be better for you to arrange a visit to your supplier if time is allowable. Face to face communication will help to prompt the cooperation relationship,and learn more about each other.

5.Place your order in advance. “Giving us your best lead time,as we have urgent orders”, we are always requested by our customers to send goods in the shortest time for their orders. To us manufacturers, we are also would like to deliver steel forgings to you as soon as possible, but to ensure you high quality products, we must have a district production process. To shorten the production time, what we can do is to stock enough raw material. Sometimes, as we are always busy for stack of orders, pls place your order in advance and give us enough time for your products, after all, it will also take us some time to do inspection job.

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