Steel Forging for Aerospace Application

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CFS Forge could not only supply steel forgings for industries like Forestry & Agriculture, Automotive, Valve Components. We are also a leading steel forging supplier to Aerospace customers for close to two decades producing hundreds-of-thousands closed die forgings to AS9001 standards. Our parts can be found on almost every commercial jet liner in the world. We work with numerous steel alloys, including stainless steel, low-carbon steel, alloy steel, to create high precision, high durability parts.

OEM, Tier One and Two manufacturers depend on CFS Steel Forging to meet tight tolerances using tightly controlled closed die forging process and specifications backed by high quality standards.

steel forging for aerospace application

Steel forgings we produce for aerospace and aviation applications include:

  • Interior components
  • Hydraulic fluid system components
  • Bearing cages
  • Cargo Systems
  • Landing and braking components
  • Flight critical and safety components
  • Exterior and interior sensors, motion control and actuation systems

These steel forgings require the absolute highest amount of engineering, production control and 100% visual inspection from wax to final packaging. Our on-site inspection of non-destructive testing (NDT) methods allows us to provide our customers’ customers with a tremendous degree of assurance in our final product. Ensuring our customers receive the most reliable and cost-effective aircraft parts available anywhere.


Why Steel Forging for Aerospace Application?

  • Steel forging is a superior to steel casting or machining bar stock since the metal’s natural grain flow is made to conform to the shape of the product. Castings have an isotropic grain structure and, for a given part, may be as strong in compression loads, but steel forgings are superior in tensile and shear loads due to the utilization of the grain flow.
  • Our steel forgings are normally made from special bar quality steel. As steel bars are rolled, the grain structure within the steel is forced to flow along the centerline of the bar. When a forging is produced from the bar, this inherent grain flow bends to follow the contour of the forged shape, thus producing a superior part.
  • The structural reliability of steel forgings allows designers to trust the material to adhere to the safety factors of the design.
  • It also can provide more uniform response to heat treatment and machining operations.

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